Mommy Makeover

Having children changes women’s lives in many ways, including some they may not have foreseen. Almost all of those changes are welcome, but pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect a mom’s body in ways that cannot be fixed through diet or exercise alone.

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Mommy Makeover

Many experience sagging breasts, a flabby tummy and stubborn pockets of fat, which can be frustrating and disappointing to any woman who cares about her appearance.

With select cosmetic procedures, you can reclaim your pre-pregnancy body to look and feel great again. These procedures commonly include Breast Augmentation and/or Breast Lift, Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, and Thigh/Buttock Lift. Since every woman’s needs are unique, each patient receives a combination of procedures customized to address her individual body. Our surgeons will advise you on which procedures will provide the best results for you.

A Mommy Makeover is usually completed in one surgery. Dr. Cohen uses modern surgical techniques so that you get great results with as little pain and recovery time as possible. Because safety is always our first concern, we always work with board-certified anesthesiologists to ensure that your surgery is as safe as possible. Following your surgery, you will be able to rest in the comfort of your own home.

We understand that mothers are vital to the strength of the family. A positive self-image through surgical intervention and a healthier lifestyle can give a great boost to your confidence and energy so you can take care of your family and yourself.


  • Breasts will be positioned higher, have renewed firmness, volume, and skin elasticity will be restored creating a more youthful appearance.
  • Breast symmetry will be achieved.
  • A flatter, trimmer abdomen with tighter muscles will be achieved.
  • Localized fat deposits that do not respond to regular diet and exercise will be removed.
  • The contour of the body is improved through the removal of unwanted bulges.
  • Clothing, including jeans and swim suits, will fit better.
  • Most patients experience an overall increase of self image and happiness with overall appearance.

Recovery & Aftercare

  • Patients may experience some degree of bruising, swelling, tenderness and/or numbness.
  • Drains may remain in place for about three to seven days.
  • Sutures or staples will be removed in about one to two weeks.
  • Bed rest the day of surgery is recommended.
  • Limit activity for the next two days following surgery.
  • Avoid strenuous activities for about four to six weeks.
  • Return to work in one to three weeks.
  • Our doctors may recommend a variety of support garments be worn for a few weeks.

Insurance Guidelines

Mommy Makeover procedures are usually deemed cosmetic in nature and are therefore not covered by insurance.

**NOTE: The specific risks and the suitability of this procedure for any given individual can only be determined through a consultation with Dr. Cohen.

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