Implant Types

We offer a full range of implant options to meet your needs. We understand no patient is exactly the same. To make sure you get just the right fit for the look you want, you can choose among FDA-approved implants from trusted manufacturers: Mentor and Allergan. These companies have proven reputations for making high-quality, safe and durable breast implants, so the decision comes down to which implants will suit you best!

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Breast Implants Baltimore

Our breast surgeon Dr. Cohen will help you find the right implants for you during your consultation. The decision depends on a number of factors, including your age, your body frame, the amount of existing breast tissue you have, your skin condition, and the look you wish to achieve.

What to Consider When Choosing Breast Implants

You may already know that you have the choice between silicone and saline, but there are a number of other implant features that contribute to the look and feel of your breasts after augmentation.

1. Filling: Saline or Silicone

Saline implants have a silicone rubber shell that is inflated to the desired size with sterile saline. Because saline implants are inflated during surgery, your surgeon is able to adjust the size onsite as needed to achieve your desired look. A cost effective option, these implants have been in use since the early 1990’s and offer a nice looking, fuller breast for many patients.

Silicone gel breast implants are made of a gelatin-like substance that holds together (like “gummy bears”) and feels more like natural breast tissue. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to achieve your desired look. It is common to use a different sized implant for each breast to achieve symmetry. Because silicone implants look and feel more soft and natural, they are more popular with breast surgery patients.

2. Projection: Low, Moderate, Moderate-Plus or High

Profile is a measure of base width vs. forward projection of the implants. A higher implant profile will project more prominently from the breast than a lower profile in the same implant. Each implant manufacturer and implant type has a different range of profiles and uses different terminology. Depending on your implants, you might have one profile option or four options.

Your chest circumference will also help determine your implant profile. Typically, the narrower your chest circumference, the higher the profile implant you will need to achieve the increase in breast size you want. This is because you will need a smaller base width for your implants to look natural on you.

Deciding which profile to get can seem overwhelming at first, but we are here to help! Our breast specialists are board certified plastic surgeons who will guide you through this decision at your breast implant sizing session.

3. Shape: Round or Anatomically “Shaped”

Then, you and your doctor will choose between round implants and the newer “anatomically shaped” options. It’s important to know that either of these can look very natural. The main difference lies in what look you prefer.

Highly cohesive silicone gel implants are the newest FDA approved option. They contain a highly cohesive silicone gel with a slightly firmer consistency and a more form-stable shape than traditional silicone implants. They provide a silicone shaped implant option for women who desire a more natural slope to the breast.

Round implants are available in saline or silicone gel, and tend to create a fuller breast in the upper and lower pole. Shaped implants (also called “anatomical” or “contoured”) are fuller in the lower half to mimic the contour of a more mature, sloping breast. The new “gummy bear” implants from all 3 manufacturers are shaped implants.

While the “gummy bears” are a great option for many women, if you prefer a more prominent cleavage and a more youthful fullness, you may prefer round implants.

4. Surface: Smooth or Textured

Another decision we’ll help you make is whether a smooth shell or textured shell is best for you. Smooth shelled implants are often a good choice with round implants, as they move a bit more like natural breasts and they tend to have less rippling than their textured counterparts.

Textured implants have a rougher surface that is designed to stay in place within the pocket your plastic surgeon creates. If you choose the shaped “gummy bear” implants, your implants will have a textured shell to ensure the breast is fuller in the right areas.

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