When is a breast reduction right for you?

April 10, 2015 12:22 am

Do you feel uncomfortable with how large your breasts are? Do you feel like they are out of portion to the rest of your body?

Often women with very large breasts have chronic issues including back, shoulder, and neck pain. You may also develop grooves in your shoulders from bras straps pressing into your skin. Additionally, your matronly breasts may make playing sports – including running, tennis, golf, and more – awkward and difficult.

If you feel your heavy breasts are a burden, we recommend that you come in to our office for a private consultation with our breast reduction specialist. Dr. Michael Cohen, Belcara Health’s board certified plastic surgeon and leader in breast enhancement surgery, will be happy to discuss options available for you.

To schedule your private consultation, please call 410.343.7317

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