Facebook Contest – Inspirational Story Entries

June 17, 2011 12:12 am

“After a long 10 year marriage of being abused physically, mentally and verbally, I was lacking all self esteem. Continually being put down for my belly fat and sagging skin from child birth, I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. Dr. Larry Lickstein performed a tummy tuck on me in March of 2009 and slowly some esteem came back. I felt better about myself physically and I mentally started to heal as well. It helps me to be able to look at myself as a strong beautiful woman again and realize how horrible the life I led was and I would not allow that kind of torture to be put on me again. Thank you for giving me my life back again!”

Sandy C. – 35 Year Old, Tummy Tuck <– Winner! “It has been a year since my surgery, I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck, Dr. Michael Cohen is a perfectionist! I am so happy with the way I look; if any one was thinking about having anything done, don’t go to just anyone – go to this office. Everyone there is very nice and caring. I will try and post some before and after photos for everyone to see!” Kimberly F. – 30 Year Old, Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck “I am in my late 20’s and my childhood days were rough! When the age began girls developing, I had prayed so hard to have my chest grow out like the other girls. In middle school, I was teased being called a flat chest, tire chest, and boy chest. I even had a training bra posted on my gym locker with a nasty note about other girls making fun of my chest when I changed for gym. I was an “A” cup and I really did not have to wear a bra and when I got to high school my chest still didn’t grow at all. I went to a consultation appointment with Dr. Michael Cohen and I knew he would make me look beautiful. I had Dr. Cohen perform surgery in February of 2009 and that was the day he changed my life and made me into this beautiful woman with this amazing chest. I would recommend anyone to this practice because not only was he the best doctor, but his staff was amazing and I really felt comfortable and had a alot of trust in Dr. Cohen! Thank you for this you did an amazing job!” Ebony S. – 27 Year Old, Breast Augmentation “Surgery isn’t just for the ladies! I lost 100 pounds, got back into shape and wanted give my wife the pleasure of being married to a 50 year old man with a 25 year old butt! What a Christmas it was for her (and me too). Dr Cohen is a fantastic, skilled surgeon. Indeed he is a true artist. I had a full body lift and now have a flat stomach for the first time in my life. I’m actually working on the six pack after getting rid of the keg.” Bruce M. – 48 Year Old, Body Lift “In December, I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Cohen and ever since my surgery, my life has changed dramatically! As a 19 year old, friends and family always thought I had to be comfortable with my body due to the youth of it, but I was far from it. I always had to shop around my boobs, and buying only shirts that made me look fuller than I was. Since my surgery, I am probably the most comfortable person, I’m confident, and I’m how a teenager should feel about their body. Words can’t even express how happy I am now! Dr. Cohen and staff were so thoughtful and understanding; and helped make my process and decision making as simple as possible. You guys made me realize I’m not the only person who has felt this way about their body, and I thank you for that. I have recommended everyone to you, and have actually had friends get surgeries done with you guys. Thank you again!” Lindsey W. – 19 Year Old, Breast Augmentation “As a 28 year old mother of three, I’ve spent the last six years raising my children, working on my career and just living day to day. I worked hard to lose the baby weight, but, after breastfeeding three children, my chest seemed to be a lost cause. After months of research, I decided to go to Dr. Cohen to have a breast augmentation. My consultations and surgery were so perfect. Dr. Cohen and his staff made me feel so comfortable with every aspect of the procedure. Today, about two and half months after surgery, I have never been more happy. It is amazing how I have changed inside and out. When I look in the mirror, I am content with my appearance for the first time in my life. The surgery changed everything in my life from my self-confidence to my marriage, from the way I approach every-day situations to the way I carry myself. A simple Thank You could never be enough!” Laura G. – 28 Year Old, Breast Augmentation Thank you to everyone that posted! We loved hearing your stories!