The golden years, polished by plastic surgery

August 9, 2011 11:28 pm

You’ll enjoy this article that we spotted in the New York Times on Monday. As we live longer, we also want to look great longer, and we’ve noticed the same trend – more women over 70 are getting plastic surgery than in the past. The article has a short but thoughtful discussion of risks and rewards for patients in this age group, since the risks from surgery do increase as you age. The article is also funny, full of observations like this one:

But one thing needed improvement, she decided: her figure. At her age, she said, “your breasts go in one direction and your brain goes in another.”

The article goes on to cite the rising number of procedures preformed nationwide on patients in this age group:

Ms. Kolstad is one of many septuagenarians, octogenarians and even nonagenarians who are burnishing their golden years with help from the plastic surgeon. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in 2010 there were 84,685 surgical procedures among patients age 65 and older. They included 26,635 face-lifts; 24,783 cosmetic eyelid operations; 6,469 liposuctions; 5,874 breast reductions; 3,875 forehead lifts; 3,339 breast lifts and 2,414 breast augmentations.

You can read the full post on their website.